Worship and Creative Arts

The Worship and Creative Arts of Central Christian Church exists to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those involved in this ministry participate in leading all who gather with us on Sunday mornings into times of praise and worship directed to our King.

Our goal is to be contemporary and relevant, while still honoring the foundations of thousands of years of Christ-followers who have gone before us. In each service, you will hear fresh new songs of praise, while still proclaiming the strong doctrine of the great hymns of faith.

Children’s Worship and programs

We at Central try to incorporate our younger members in various aspects of our family life.  Our Worship Director and assistants work to produce plays and skits using our teens and youth.  We regularly include our teens in our praise and worship programs and our youth generally lead worship on the fifth Sunday of any month having five Sundays.

Audio/Visual Team

Sunday morning worship

The Technical Ministries Team is the ministry through which all things filter on Sunday morning. Our technical team serves the Lord through audio, video, A/V reproduction, and SongShow Plus. A willing heart is all that is necessary to be a part of the Technical Ministries Team. We will provide all of the necessary training.  Shirley Jeffreys does a great job of keeping our audio/visual machines operating for us.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Worship and Creative Arts ministry of Central Christian Church contact the church office at CentralChristianchurchoffice@gmail.com  or call 423-753-3411.