Praises to God

What a great week last week was.  Yes, it was the week after Easter but it was much more than that.  Friday we received some news reports.  My son-in-law was granted tenure at East Tennessee State University where he teaches.  The president of ETSU, who had been offered a job leading the University of Tennessee, surprised just about everyone by choosing value over money and decided to remain at ETSU.  These two things alone would have been enough.  But, then came the best news we heard Friday–the flare-up of cancer that my wife has which was seen on a CT scan 10 days prior was diagnosed as regressed from the viewing of the PET scan taken Friday morning.  Talk about a “glory hallelujah!”  Our God heard the prayers of many and granted Debbie a reprieve. Yes, Friday was a marvelous day.  But, you know, even had none of these three things happened Friday, it would still have been a great day because I am a child of the King and stand to inherit all that God has prepared for me.  How I wish everyone knew this joy.