A Busy Time

Wow, do we have a lot going on right now. This weekend is the Will Graham Celebration Friday through Sunday at Freedom Hall. What a great opportunity to enjoy a weekend of worship and to introduce people to Jesus.  Sunday morning at 9 is our 5th Sunday breakfast potluck. Then, during worship at 10:30, our youth will be participating in the service. Next Wednesday is a first Wednesday potluck at 6 p.m. Finally, we are hosting the JAMA quarterly potluck and worship service on May 6. Potluck is at 5 and the service at 6. And, squeezed in between all this eating is the National Day of Prayer observation at the downtown Jonesborogh old courthouse on May 3rd at noon. Make all you can.  Yes, these are busy times but don’t forget in the midst of all the fellowship to encourage those you are with and to remember all that our God has done for you.  We have an awesome God!