Happy New Year

Well, I may be a little behind in posting but I’m back. We ended the last and started this New Year with weather that few people enjoyed. The pipes froze at the church building and just getting outside was not much fun. Even my dogs wanted nothing to do with going out which created a real problem, if you know what I mean. But, warmer weather is here, the water is flowing again, and the pets are romping in the backyard and loving it. How about us? How do we react when our spiritual life gets “chilled?” Do we just bundle up and complain or do we look for ways to make something good happen? Life will not always be pleasant. And, this is true not only for each of us but everyone else in this world. When you see others “freezing” from different aspects of their lives, do you offer something to warm them up? That is what Jesus can do, you know. He is always someone who can make lemonade when life gives us lemons. We are starting a study of the letter to the Philippians on Sunday mornings. Why not come join us.