A Church Mourns

Shootings in churches seems to be something becoming all too common. I suppose, in one sense, it is nothing new. People have burned Synagogues, bombed churches where Black people worship and attacked different Mosques for centuries. Yet, somehow it means more now, to me, at least, than it has in the past. Yes, I hate racism. I do not understand bigotry grounded in something that a person has no control over: what color a baby’s skin will be. None of us asked to be White or Black or whatever. That genetic decision was completely out of our control. Yet, people continue to hate others and mistreat them simply because they are different. Then there is the bigotry against ideas. This sect of Muslims bombs the worship place of another sect of Muslims because they disagree. Catholics killed Protestants and vice-verse through the centuries. Yesterday, a man who seems to be an atheist (but who taught Sunday School years ago) entered a place of worship and killed over half the members who had gathered there like they have done for years each Sunday morning. The minister and his wife were both out of town. I cannot even imagine the pain those two people are feeling today–their 15 year old daughter was one of the victims and their congregation slaughtered. A private citizen with a gun certainly prevented even more killing. My heart goes out to these people just as it did to those in Charleston two years ago and in Antioch, Tennessee, a couple of months ago. There is evil everywhere. But, there is also a God who can comfort and save. This is a time for prayer and unity. Christians, for the most part, have enjoyed a persecution-free existence in the United States for the most part. The times, I think, are a-changing. bob