Storms Are Everywhere

Disasters are nothing new to the southern border of the United States (well, for any region, for that matter). Right now, though, the south seems to be getting hit time and time again. From riots over statues to hurricanes, turmoil seems to rule the day. Why? Well, partly because people refuse to love and respect others. Next, because we live a world where climate does change–almost every day unless you live in Yuma, Arizona like I did for several years. In the south, hurricanes and storms are the norm during this time of year. And, some cause disasters. Be in prayer for these parts of the country. Help as you can. Money donations are best to legitimate organizations like IDES or some church you are familiar with in that area. Most of all, put your trust in God. If you trust in people, even first responders (God bless them), your trust will be misplaced from time to time. But, “in God we trust” will always be true and worthwhile. bob