Easter’s Coming

The tulips are blooming and the dandelions are everywhere. That is a sure sign that Spring is in the air and that Easter is right around the corner. Whether you celebrate Easter, Resurrection Sunday or neither, much of the Western world recognizes that April 16, 2017, is a special day because it is Easter Sunday this year. Easter is the day we annually celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. At Central Christian, we take the Lord’s Supper every Sunday to remember the death with which Jesus atoned for our sins. His blood cleanses us. But, the death would have meant little had not the power of God raised Jesus from the dead. If He is not alive, Paul says we are to be pitied because we have believed a lie and have no hope. Personally, I believe Jesus rose from the grave and lives today. And, one day He will return to claim me and all who long for His appearing. Won’t that be a wonderful day! But, until that day comes, I’ll celebrate Easter because it recalls the resurrection of Jesus and looks forward to the resurrection that I will experience one day should I die before He returns. Praise Him!