Viruses and Stuff

Well this seems to be a poor time of the year for good health. Several local school districts have dismissed classes for a various number of days in an attempt to quell the illnesses that are rampant in the students and staff. Many are feeling the impact of viruses, flu and other illnesses. Be in prayer for our communities.

You know, Satan is a lot like a virus. He hangs around waiting for just the right moment to attack your system. He knows our weaknesses because he has watched us through the years. He knows where to strike. And strike he does! His desire is to “steal, kill and destroy.” He will do his best to damage your reputation, your witness for God and good, and your ability to love people as you should. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Don’t give him a foothold. Fight him off. Let your immune system–the Spirit of God Who indwells you–beat him and drive him out of your body. With God all things are possible and we can use His power to keep Satan from making us ill with sin. Be wary, be alert. Know where your weaknesses are and ask God to strengthen you.

Stay well.